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Sunsoil CBD Review

Sunsoil CBD sells full-spectrum CBD oils in a handful of strengths and product types. The company is known for its seed-to-shelf operation and utmost quality control. They grow their hemp on their own company farms in Vermont, and all of their oils undergo three rounds of testing by third-party labs. Sunsoil is also notable for offering some of the most affordably-priced CBD oils around, at $0.05 per mg.

We recommend Sunsoil for:
Full-spectrum, low- to mid-strength CBD oil tinctures, capsules, and edible topicalsFirst-time users of CBD
Sourced from non-GMO, 100% organic Vermont hempAnyone taking CBD for general wellness or stress relief, or to cope with a mild chronic condition
Third-party lab testedThose who don’t like the natural flavor of hemp
Organic and vegetarian ingredientsThose who prefer CBD oil tinctures or capsules
Affordable pricing, at $0.05 per mgThose who prefer full-spectrum CBD
Value shoppers
Available online and in retail locations

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Sunsoil Company History

Formerly known as Green Mountain CBD, Sunsoil CBD was founded in 2015 by hemp entrepreneurs Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein.

The company’s mission is to make safe, high-quality CBD oils accessible to everyone. In honor of that goal, their products are simply made, with as few added ingredients as possible. Sunsoil offers a simple product line that’s easy to navigate, especially for those new to CBD.

They also rigorously test their CBD oils, subjecting them to three rounds of third-party and in-house lab testing. The company’s dedication to quality is paralleled by their commitment to affordability. All of their products offer the same price per mg of CBD, and at $0.05 per mg, it’s one of the lowest we’ve seen in the industry.

Beyond promoting earth-based wellness, Sunsoil also aspires to be an “earth first” company through their use of organic farming practices and low-impact CBD extraction methods.

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

Sunsoil extracts their CBD from non-GMO, pesticide-free, 100% organic hemp grown on the company’s own farms in Hardwick, Vermont.

Sunsoil uses a unique extraction method, called lipid extraction, to create their CBD oils. Lipid extraction uses a lipid, along with heat, to extract the CBD. In the case of Sunsoil, that lipid is either MCT oil (for their tinctures) or organic coconut oil (for their capsules and salve). According to research, lipid extraction may increase the bioavailability of CBD when it is consumed with a lipid. Bioavailability essentially describes how much of the CBD gets absorbed by your bloodstream. Because Sunsoil uses a MCT or coconut oil base for their hemp extracts, their products may have higher bioavailability.

After extraction, Sunsoil sends their oils to a third-party lab for testing, to confirm both the concentration of CBD and the safety of the product. Once the results come back, Sunsoil adjusts the concentration as needed, in order to achieve the exact amount of CBD. Then the oils are sent back for testing one more time. Finally, Sunsoil’s pharmaceutical-grade robots prepare the finished product line for distribution.

Sunsoil Product Selection

All Sunsoil CBD products are full-spectrum, whole-plant extracts, so their oils contain other beneficial cannabinoids (such as CBN, CBC, and THC), terpenes, and plant materials along with a high concentration of CBD. The inclusion of additional cannabinoids is believed to enhance the benefits of the CBD, through what’s known as the “entourage effect.” While not proven conclusively, the research suggests that the synergy of a richer cannabinoid profile boosts the overall therapeutic benefits of CBD.

However, individuals who are subject to regular drug testing should note that Sunsoil CBD oils do contain the legally allowable limit of THC (0.3% or less), so they may cause a positive drug test result for marijuana.

All Sunsoil products should be kept at temperatures below 74°F. They can also be refrigerated or frozen. Sunsoil specifically recommends storing the capsules in a  cool or refrigerated environment. Regardless of the product you choose, Sunsoil recommends taking your dose every 4 to 6 hours.

While Sunsoil does not offer any CBD oils specially formulated for pets, the company does state that their unflavored tincture and topical salve should be safe to share with pets, assuming you’ve checked with your veterinarian first. To find the best starting dose for your pet, check out our guide to CBD for pets.

TincturesCapsulesEdible Topicals
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

600mg (60ml) / $0.05 per mg
1200mg (60ml) / $0.05 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

20mg capsules (30-ct) / $0.05 per mg
20mg capsules (90-ct) / $0.05 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

600mg (30ml) / $0.05 per mg

CBD Tinctures

Sunsoil offers two strengths for their CBD tinctures: 600mg and 1200mg. The 600mg tincture is available in a natural (unflavored) version, citrus flavor, or with a chocolate mint flavor. The 1200mg tincture is exclusively available in a cinnamon-flavored version.

All tinctures include the CBD extract and MCT oil as a base. To create the flavoring, the 600mg chocolate mint tincture also includes natural flavors and organic peppermint oil, while the 1200mg cinnamon tincture includes cinnamon oil extract.

Sunsoil recommends those new to CBD start with the 10mg dose offered by their 600mg tincture. More experienced users, or those who know their condition requires a higher amount of CBD, can start with the 20mg serving offered by their 1200mg tincture. The tinctures include graduated droppers, so users can easily identify a precise dose of CBD and adjust their serving size as needed.

CBD Capsules

Sunsoil sells both CBD capsules and CBD softgels. Both contain 20mg of CBD each, and are available in either 30-count or 90-count bottles. Because they’re smaller, some people find the softgels are easier to swallow.

Both the softgels and capsules use organic coconut oil as a base. The capsules are formed from vegetarian ingredients, while the ingredients for the softgels are not specified.

CBD Topicals

Sunsoil also offers a hybrid CBD product. Their CBD coconut oil can be eaten, added to food, or applied topically (to both humans and pets). The 30ml container comes with a 1ml measuring spoon so you can measure out each 20mg dose.

The Sunsoil CBD salve is unflavored and simply includes the hemp extract with organic coconut oil.

Our Take on Sunsoil

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of Sunsoil. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

High-quality, full-spectrum CBD oils, capsules, and ediblesAll products contain organic coconut or fractionated coconut (MCT) oil, which may be an issue for those with coconut allergies
Extremely affordable pricingNo high-strength CBD oils
Seed-to-shelf operation with company-owned USDA-certified organic farmsNo THC-free options
Third-party and in-house lab testedLimited product selection
No artificial flavoring or colorsLab results could be made more transparent
Flavored and unflavored versions availableLimited shipping options
Available for purchase online and in local retailersCapsule and softgel ingredients are unspecified

See Sunsoil’s lineup:

Product Selection

Sunsoil doesn’t offer a lot of products. Their products are available in one of two strengths (600mg or 1200mg), and there are three product types: tincture, capsule, or salve.

However, the simplicity of their product line serves as a great introduction for anyone new to CBD. The product strengths and types are easy to understand, so beginners can quickly identify the best product for them.

Besides catering to beginners, the lower strengths of their products (available in 10mg or 20mg doses) are also ideal for those who take CBD for general wellness, as opposed to taking it to manage a severe chronic condition. At only $0.05 per mg, these folks can purchase a quality CBD oil and maintain a daily wellness regimen for a very affordable price.


Sunsoil is a true seed-to-shelf brand. To ensure quality control, they grow their USDA-certified organic hemp on their own company farms. They also submit each batch of their CBD oils to three rounds of rigorous testing, by both their in-house labs as well as three ISO-accredited third-party labs.

Lab results for each product can be located on the website. Additionally, each Sunsoil product ships with a QR code on the label. Scan this code with your smartphone, and you can directly access the lab results for that specific batch.

We applaud Sunsoil for sharing the lab results for each batch of their CBD oil. Not all brands are this thorough in their testing. However, all of the test results have been reprinted on company letterhead, and the company does not specify the names of the three third-party labs they partner with. Sunsoil is a brand committed to producing quality CBD oil, and we’d like to see them demonstrate that same commitment to transparency, by sharing the original lab results on their website.


All Sunsoil products are low-strength, at 10mg or 20mg of CBD per dose. This makes the brand a good option for beginning users or those taking CBD for general wellness or stress relief.

While Sunsoil caters to different taste profiles by offering flavored and unflavored versions of their CBD oil, the flavors are tied to specific strengths of the tinctures. There is no option to buy an unflavored version of the stronger, 1200mg profile, which may rule this brand out for those who prefer unflavored CBD but require a higher-strength oil.


Sunsoil’s CBD capsules, salve, and 600mg tincture are all unflavored. Because the natural taste of CBD can be a bit too earthy for some people, Sunsoil also offers flavored versions of their tinctures to appeal to those new to CBD. Both the chocolate mint 600mg tincture and the cinnamon 1200mg tincture have received positive reviews from customers.

Ordering and Shipping Process

Sunsoil only ships to U.S. address. Shipping is fast (orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS), but the shipping options are limited. If your order total is below $81, you’ll pay $3.48 for First-Class shipping. Otherwise, you’ll pay $6.10 for Priority shipping. There is no option to change your shipping speed.

Sunsoil products are also available for purchase through local retailers, but there is no store locator provided on the website to find a retailer near you.

Customer Service

Sunsoil provides a lot of information about the company’s founders and their sourcing and production methods on their website. They also have a detailed FAQ page where they share additional information about how to take their CBD oils.

Their customer service team is available exclusively via email or web form, on weekdays from 8am to 6pm Eastern Time. There is no phone number for customer service.

Sunsoil does not accept returns. However, they do provide full refunds within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with your product. You can also request a replacement product within that time period, and Sunsoil will cover the cost of shipping.


Sunsoil stays committed to organic farming and environmentally-friendly extraction practices, while maintaining one of the lowest prices per mg in the CBD industry. Moreover, all of their products have that same $0.05-per-mg price—so customers can focus solely on choosing the best product type for them, rather than worrying about whether they’ll have to pay more simply because they prefer one method of ingestion over another.

Sunsoil’s small product line is missing higher strengths and various product types (such as CBD vape oils or gummies), so it’s not the best brand for everyone. However, for those new to CBD, or anyone taking CBD as a daily wellness supplement, it’s a trusted option. Sunsoil offers high-quality CBD oils for a consistently low price.

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