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NuLeaf Naturals CBD Review

NuLeaf Naturals is a Colorado-based company committed to providing high-potency, premium quality CBD oil tinctures for humans and their pets. All of their CBD oils are sourced from Colorado-grown, 100% organic hemp. No additives or artificial flavors are added, so their full-spectrum oils maintain a high concentration of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

We recommend NuLeaf Naturals for:
High-potency, full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures for humans and their petsDaily users who require a premium CBD oil to manage their chronic pain, anxiety, or another health concern
More expensive CBD oils, at $0.09 to $0.16 per mgPeople already experienced with CBD, who are aware of their dosage needs
Consistent dose across all bottle sizes: 2.4mg of CBD per dropThose using CBD for a specific health condition (pain, anxiety, epilepsy, etc.) as opposed to general wellness
Bulk discounts and free shipping availableThose who prefer oil tinctures over other types of CBD products
Sourced from 100% organic hemp with no additives or preservatives

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NuLeaf Naturals Company History

Founded in 2014, NuLeaf Naturals was started by a group of Colorado natives and advocates of plant-based medicine. Today the company continues to operate their headquarters out of Colorado, the same state where they grow their hemp and source their CBD oil using a CO2 extraction process.

As evangelists of plant-based wellness, NuLeaf Naturals focuses on quality and purity above all. You won’t find any natural additives, artificial flavoring, or gimmicky CBD products here. They exclusively sell high-potency, all-natural CBD oil tinctures for humans and their pets.

In addition to their online store, which ships to all 50 states and over 40 countries, NuLeaf Naturals has also partnered with several retailers across the U.S. to sell their CBD oils locally. You can view their full store list here.

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

NuLeaf Naturals sells third-party tested CBD products sourced from 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp grown on Colorado farms.

The company uses a green CO2 extraction process to source their CBD oil. This is the safest and most efficient extraction process, allowing for a consistent quality of CBD oil to be extracted from the hemp plant—without any toxic residue or chlorophyll affecting the safety profile or flavor of the final product.

NuLeaf Naturals uses both subcritical and supercritical extractions. They start with a fractional extraction that uses lower pressures to remove more temperature-sensitive volatile oils, before a second extraction that uses higher pressures to remove any remaining oils. The end product is a high-potency blend of full-spectrum CBD oil.

After the extraction process, NuLeaf Naturals prepares their CBD oils for packaging and third-party testing. They do not undergo any additional extraction to be turned into CBD isolates, nor are any synthetic flavors added. All of their CBD oils are full-spectrum, whole-plant extracts, in order to provide the highest concentration of CBD, along with other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and natural compounds found in hemp.

The CBD oils are then sent to Steep Hill, a third-party lab based in Berkeley, California. The lab tests the concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids for accurate labeling on the final product. Additionally, the lab tests for over 200 pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. NuLeaf provides current lab results upon request.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Product Selection

NuLeaf Naturals exclusively sells whole-plant extract CBD oils. All of their CBD oils are full-spectrum, containing both high concentrations of CBD as well as other beneficial cannabinoids (e.g. CBC, CBG, CBDA, CBDV), terpenes, and essential oils found in the hemp plant.

NuLeaf Naturals has focused their product line on full-spectrum CBD oils, because they’re believed to be more effective than CBD isolates. This is known as the entourage effect. While the scientific community has not reached consensus, some studies do indicate that the presence of other cannabinoids may help the CBD oil better engage the endocannabinoid system—particularly in regards to inflammation and pain relief.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils will last 12 months as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place. To extend their shelf life to 18 months, the company recommends refrigeration.

TincturesCBD Oil for Pets
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:
240mg (5ml) / $0.16 per mg
725mg (15ml) / $0.14 per mg
1450mg (30ml) / $0.12 per mg
2425mg (50ml) / $0.10 per mg
4850mg (100ml) / $0.09 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:
240mg (5ml) / $0.16 per mg
725mg (15ml) / $0.14 per mg
1450mg (30ml) / $0.12 per mg

NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

NuLeaf sells a single full-spectrum CBD oil, available in five different sizes. Regardless of size, each bottle contains the same concentration of CBD oil (~50mg/ml). One drop contains about 2.4mg of CBD, so dosing stays the same regardless of which bottle you choose. This allows all of their customers to enjoy the same quality and choose the best dose for their needs. You just get more CBD oil for your money if you purchase a larger bottle.

NuLeaf Naturals recommends applying the oil sublingually (beneath your tongue) and holding for 30 seconds before swallowing, in order to allow the optimal amount of CBD to enter the bloodstream.

NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oils

The same high-potency CBD oil NuLeaf Naturals makes for humans is also available for pets, in three different bottle sizes. Safe for both dogs and cats, they recommend giving your pet 2 to 3 drops for every 20 pounds of their body weight, once or twice daily.

Our Take on NuLeaf Naturals

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of NuLeaf Naturals. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

Premium, high-potency full-spectrum CBD oilsThird-party lab results only available upon request
Sourced from 100% organic, locally-grown hempNatural hemp flavor may be unpalatable to some
All-natural CBD oil without additives or artificial flavoringOne of the most expensive CBD oils on the market
Consistent concentration of CBD allows for precise dosingLimited product selection
Fast, free shipping throughout U.S.
Bulk pricing and discounts available

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Product Selection

NuLeaf Naturals has an extremely limited product line. While this allows them to focus on quality, it means that if you want anything other than an oil tincture, you won’t get it here. However, you will know what you get every time, and you can enjoy the same quality whether you’re using it or giving it to your pet.


NuLeaf Naturals sources their CBD oil from 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp, grown on local Colorado farms. Their full-spectrum CBD oils are all-natural and free of any artificial flavors or additives.


If NuLeaf Naturals is known for anything, it’s the potency of their products. They use the safest and most efficient extraction process, using CO2 as a solvent. This allows them to produce pure CBD oils with a consistently high concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids. Due to their high potency, NuLeaf Naturals customers tend to use it for serious health concerns as opposed to general wellness.


In their focus on quality, NuLeaf Naturals adds nothing to their CBD oil tinctures. These are pure CBD, plain and simple—with no natural or artificial flavoring. As a result, the CBD oils maintain their earthy hemp flavor, which takes some getting used to. Reviewers note that it’s possible to get used to the taste with time, and you can speed up that process by pairing it with a bit of honey or a daily gummy multivitamin.

Ordering and Shipping Process

Thanks in part to their streamlined product line, it’s easy to place an order on the NuLeaf Naturals website. Simply select your bottle size, decide whether you want one bottle or a multi-pack, and add it to your cart. Products arrive within 2 to 3 days via USPS Priority Mail. Free shipping is included, or you can pay $25 for expedited shipping.

Customer Service

NuLeaf Naturals is very responsive to customer service requests, and they preemptively answer many questions through detailed FAQ and Shipping and Returns pages on their website. NuLeaf Naturals accepts returns for a full refund within 30 days, as long as the product is in new, unused, and unopened condition. The customer must cover the cost of shipping.

NuLeaf Naturals is unique for the extensive availability of their products. They ship to all 50 states and over 40 countries, and sell in dozens of retail stores across the United States.


NuLeaf Naturals is committed to producing high-potency CBD oils and advocating plant-based wellness. The medical-grade quality of their CBD oils comes at a higher cost per mg than the average CBD oil. If you’re taking CBD oil for a serious health condition or pain relief, the value is well worth it, as you’ll enjoy the same high-quality oil every time. However, it may feel a bit pricey if you’re just starting out with CBD and not sure how much you need.

NuLeaf Naturals does provide free shipping to deepen the value, as well as bulk pricing. You can purchase their oils in 3-packs or 6-packs for a significant discount (between 20% to 25% off). The larger the bottle you buy, the lower your cost per mg.

Finally, NuLeaf Naturals also offers additional discounts to special groups (such as veterans, low-income individuals, and animal nonprofits) through their Assistance Program.

Learn More About NuLeaf Naturals

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