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Nature’s Script CBD Review

Nature’s Script sells a large range of CBD tinctures, capsules, e-liquids, edibles, and pet oils in varying strengths. All of their products are 100% THC-free, and many come in flavored varieties. Nature’s Script’s large product selection and mid-range pricing make it an attractive choice for anyone taking CBD for general wellness, or to cope with chronic symptoms of a mild to severe nature.

We recommend Nature’s Script for:
Large, varied product selection of low to high-strength tinctures, gummies, capsules, topicals, syrups, vape oils, and pet oilsAnyone using CBD for general wellness, or for relief from a chronic health issue—particularly anxiety, pain, or insomnia
100% THC-free CBD isolatesThose who want a THC-free option
Sourced from non-GMO, organic American hempThose who don’t like the natural flavor of hemp
Third-party lab testedFirst-time and experienced users of CBD
Mid-range pricing, around $0.08 to $0.20 per mgOccasional and daily users of CBD
30-day money-back guaranteePet owners
Seniors, veterans, and first responders discounts available
Available online and in retail locations

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Nature’s Script Company History

To get an idea of this company’s brand mission, one need only look to the play on words in their name: Nature’s Script aims to promote a plant-based wellness lifestyle, starting with a daily prescription of CBD oil.

The company provides a wealth of educational information on their website and blog, detailing the benefits of CBD for specific health conditions (like anxiety and insomnia), how to incorporate CBD in your food and beverage recipes, and hemp industry news.

Nature’s Script appears to be based in Florida and distributed by the same company as HempBombs, another CBD brand. Both brands have distinct looks and appeal to different types of users, but they appear to source their hemp from the same farms and offer very similar product lines, in terms of flavors and strengths. Both companies list “Healthy Certified Products” in Tampa, FL as the distributor on their product labels. Other than that, there is very limited information about the Nature’s Script company online.

Nature’s Script CBD oils can be purchased on their website or through local wholesale partners.

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

Nature’s Script partners with American farms to source their 100% organic, non-GMO industrial hemp. The company then uses a CO2 extraction process to extract their CBD oil from the hemp. After the initial extraction, their CBD oils undergo additional processing to create an extract free of THC.

Nature’s Script ensures quality control for every stage of production after they’ve sourced the hemp plants. Professional formulators oversee the CBD extraction, while manufacturing representatives and fulfillment specialists oversee the remainder of the production and bottling process.

Before making their products available to consumers, Nature’s Script submits all of their CBD oils to third-party lab Desert Valley Testing for analysis of their purity and safety.

Nature’s Script Product Selection

Nature’s Script exclusively sells THC-free CBD isolates. This means that all of their products contain 99% pure CBD, with no other cannabinoids (THC or otherwise), terpenes, or plant materials from the hemp plant. Their THC-free products are ideal for anyone subject to regular drug testing, as well as those who simply prefer CBD isolates over full-spectrum CBD—like that offered by NuLeaf Naturals and other brands.

For best results, Nature’s Script encourages their products be used on a daily vs. ad hoc basis.

TincturesVape OilsGummiesCapsules
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

300mg (30ml) / $0.12 or $0.17 per mg
600mg (30ml) / $0.13 per mg
1000mg (30ml) / $0.10 per mg
2000mg (30ml) / $0.09 per mg
4000mg (30ml) / $0.08 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

75mg (16.5ml) / $0.20 per mg
300mg (60ml) / $0.17 per mg
1000mg (60ml) / $0.10 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

15mg gummies
75mg (5-pk) / $0.20 per mg
225mg (15-ct) / $0.16 per mg
450mg (30-ct) / $0.13 per mg
900mg (60-ct) / $0.11 per mg

25mg gummies
1500mg (60-ct) / $0.09 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

15mg capsules
75mg (5-pk) / $0.20 per mg
225mg (15-ct) / $0.16 per mg
450mg (30-ct) / $0.13 per mg
900mg (60-ct) / $0.11 per mg

25mg capsules
1500mg (60-ct) / $0.09 per mg
SyrupTopicalsPet Oils
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

100mg (4oz) / $0.20 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

50mg (1oz) / $0.30 per mg
200mg (4oz) / $0.20 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

125mg (30ml) / $0.24 per mg
300mg (30ml) / $0.17 per mg
1000mg (30ml) / $0.10 per mg

CBD Tinctures

Nature’s Script THC-free tinctures come in a large range of strengths, from 300mg to 4000mg. As such, their tinctures cater to users with varying needs, from a daily wellness regimen to chronic symptom management. Their CBD tinctures include the hemp extract, along with a base of hemp oil, grape seed oil, and MCT oil.

Because CBD has a naturally earthy taste that takes some getting used to, Nature’s Script offers their tinctures in two flavors (watermelon and peppermint).  Nature’s Script does not specify what ingredients are included to create the flavoring.

If you’re new to CBD, Nature’s Script recommends starting with a low dose of 5mg to 10mg, taken 2 to 4 times daily. To use their tinctures, measure out a dose (the recommended serving size is a half-dropper) and place it beneath your tongue. Hold for 15 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Vape Oils

Vape aficionados will be happy to hear Nature’s Script offers CBD e-liquids, available in three flavors and three strengths. As CBD vape oils, these are designed to be added directly into your vape device. You simply measure out a dose to mix in with your own e-liquid.

Nature’s Script CBD vape flavors include Blueberry Jam, Fresh Mango, and Juicy Watermelon. Their e-liquids have a 70/30 VG-PG split, and come in 75mg, 300mg, and 1000mg strengths.

Because vaping CBD allows the CBD to get absorbed almost instantly by your bloodstream, these products are ideal for individuals who are prone to a sudden onset of symptoms, such as an arthritis flareup.

CBD Gummies

Nature’s Script also sells CBD gummies. These CBD-infused gummy bears are available in two strengths. The 15mg gummies can be purchased in 5-, 15-, 30-, or 60-count bottles, while the high-potency 25mg gummies are available only in a 60-count bottle. Nature’s Script recommends taking 1 to 2 gummies daily.

Nature’s Script gummies are specially formulated to relieve muscle and joint pain, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety. In addition to the CBD, the gummies also contain white willow bark and turmeric. As natural anti-inflammatories, these may enhance the pain-relieving effects of the CBD.

The gummies are one of the company’s top-selling products, thanks to their fruity flavor and calming relief. Additional ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, calcium lactate, silicon dioxide, and natural and artificial flavors.

CBD Capsules

Like their gummies, Nature’s Script CBD capsules are available in two strengths (15mg and 25mg) and a range of quantities (5, 15, 30, and 60 count). Their CBD capsules contain the same proprietary blend of CBD, white willow bark, and turmeric designed to relieve pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.

In addition to the hemp extract, each CBD capsule also contains 25mg each of calcium and magnesium. Nature’s Script does not specify the ingredients used to form the capsule, although they are vegan.

For best results, Nature’s Script recommends taking their capsules once or twice daily.

CBD Syrup

For those who like to customize their dose of CBD and method of ingestion, Nature’s Script offers a CBD syrup. The syrup has a fruit punch flavor and can be consumed alone or mixed into a beverage. Each 4-ounce bottle contains 100mg of CBD, so it can be drunk all at once or split into multiple smaller servings.

In addition to the hemp extract, Nature’s Script CBD syrup contains a relaxing blend of natural sleep aid melatonin, stress-relieving L-Theanine, and anti-inflammatory white willow bark and turmeric. The inclusion of melatonin and L-Theanine make the syrup ideal for reducing anxiety and improving sleep, so it should be taken either before bedtime or anytime the individual wants to relax.

Additional ingredients include vegetable glycerine, sucrose, citric acid, potassium benzoate, sodium citrate, and natural and artificial flavors.

CBD Topicals

Nature’s Script offers a single CBD topical. Their CBD Pain Gel contains CBD along with menthol and organic camphor for natural cooling relief. The cooling hemp rub is available in 1oz and 4oz containers, which contain 50mg and 200mg of CBD, respectively. Both sizes contain the same concentration of CBD, so it’s a matter of choosing the best value based on how often you need topical relief.

Users can massage the topical into smaller areas of skin or over large muscle groups for fast-acting relief after intense exercise, post-surgery, or during an arthritis flare-up. The lightweight texture doesn’t leave an oily residue, and a small amount can go a long way.

For chronic pain, Nature’s Script recommends applying the gel up to 4 times daily. Alternately, it can be used to provide relief as needed. Additional ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, triethanolamine, carbomer, tea tree oil, and water.

CBD Pet Oils

Just as it does for humans, CBD oil offers a wide range of benefits for dogs and cats, helping relieve their chronic pain, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and skin and fur issues. Nature’s Script CBD pet oils are sourced from the same organic hemp they use for their human tinctures, but formulated with flavors your pets will find particularly tasty, such as chicken and beef.

The pet CBD tinctures are available in three strengths: 125mg, 300mg, and 1000mg. Each tincture includes the hemp extract along with a base of MCT oil and hemp oil. Nature’s Script does not specify what ingredients are used to create the flavoring.

Finding the best dose of CBD for your pet can be a challenge, since it often involves you having to calculate a dose based on their weight and the severity of their symptoms. Helpfully, Nature’s Script provides a detailed dosing chart by weight (in both pounds and kilograms). They have two dosing recommendations:

  • The standard dose is recommended for general wellness or for situational relief, such as separation anxiety or a trip to the vet or groomer’s.
  • The therapeutic dose is recommended for ongoing relief from chronic symptoms such as anxiety, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or pain.

You can use the Nature’s Script chart to find the ideal standard or therapeutic dose for your pet, based on their needs and body weight. Then, you can calculate the most cost-efficient way to achieve that dose using the serving sizes below:

Tincture Strength1 Drop Serving½ Dropper ServingFull Dropper Serving

Our Take on Nature’s Script

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of Nature’s Script. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

THC-free tinctures, gummies, capsules, syrups, vape oils, topicals, and pet oils available in a range of strengths and flavorsTinctures contain MCT oil, which may be an issue for those with coconut allergies
100% organic, non-GMO, American grown hempNo full-spectrum CBD oils
Third-party lab testedGummies and syrup contain corn syrup and/or added sugars
Free shipping, seniors, veterans, and first responders discounts availableAll products (except for capsules and topicals) contain unspecified added flavoring, either from natural or artificial ingredients
30-day money-back guaranteeLimited company information
Available online and in retail locations

Check out Nature’s Script’s product selection:

Product Selection

For those interested in THC-free CBD, Nature’s Script offers an impressive selection of tinctures, vape oils, edibles, topicals, and pet oils in a range of concentrations. If you want to enjoy CBD isolates, you’ll be able to find a product that meets your dosage needs and ingestion preferences here.

However, because the company exclusively sells THC-free CBD isolates, there are no options for those interested in full-spectrum CBD. Nature’s Script also doesn’t sell unflavored versions of their tinctures, so this brand is a better fit for those who are okay with natural and artificial flavoring in their products.


While Nature’s Script maintains strict quality control over their products once they’ve received the hemp plants, the company does not specify where the farms they partner with are located. However, all of their partner farms are based in the U.S. and grow 100% organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp as part of an industrial hemp program.


Nature’s Script talks a lot about the quality and purity of their hemp and CBD oils, without going too much into detail. However, the company is extremely transparent about sharing the third-party lab results for every single one of their products. You can access the latest test results from each product page as well as a dedicated “Lab Tests” page on the website.


Nature’s Script sells unflavored capsules. All of their other products, including their tinctures, e-liquids, gummies, syrup, and pet oils, are flavored. The watermelon and peppermint flavors of their tinctures offer a light, pleasant taste, while the gummies and syrup has a stronger “fruit punch” flavor.

Ordering and Shipping Process

Placing an order on the Nature’s Script website isn’t as straightforward as it could be. Nature’s Script displays the range of pricing at the top of each product page. When you select a concentration and flavor, the specific price for that combination will appear in gray text above the “add to cart” button. However, the pricing range still displays in a prominent position at the top of the page, which can make knowing the exact price of the particular product you’ve selected a bit confusing.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the pricing can vary by flavor. For example, the 300mg watermelon tincture costs $15 more than the peppermint tincture (a difference of $0.05 per mg), even though they offer the same strength of CBD.

Nature’s Script ships to all 50 United States and nearly 20 international locations. Nature’s Script processes orders within 24 hours, but they only ship on weekdays, so orders placed on Friday won’t be shipped out until the following Monday. Domestic orders can take 5 to 10 business days to arrive via Standard Shipping (which costs $5.00), and 1 to 3 business days via Expedited Shipping (which costs $14.99). International orders can take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Orders over $75 ship free.

Customer Service

The Nature’s Script customer service team is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm Eastern. They can be reached via phone, email, or web form.

The company offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If your order arrives damaged, cloudy or discolored, or appears to have been tampered with, you can contact their customer service team to initiate the return.


Nature’s Script wants to make their CBD oils available to all who need them, so they offer fair pricing and additional 15% discounts to seniors 55 and up, veterans and active military personnel, and first responders. To receive the discounts, customers must submit their name, email, phone number, and a photo ID.

The company also runs regular promotions and shares special discount codes through their social media channels and email newsletter. For example, at the time of writing, they were running a week-long 15% discount on their 15-count gummies.

Learn More About Nature’s Script

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