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HempBombs CBD Review

With a focus on flavor and purity, HempBombs CBD offers an extremely varied selection of low- to high-strength CBD oils that contain 99% CBD. They exclusively sell CBD isolates, so none of their products contain any THC. Their CBD oils are formulated to relieve a range of health issues, but they’re particularly well-suited to those coping with chronic anxiety or sleep problems.

We recommend HempBombs for:
Large, varied product selection of low to high-strength tinctures, gummies, capsules, topicals, edibles, vape oils, and dog oilsAnyone using CBD for general wellness, or for relief from a chronic health issue—particularly anxiety or insomnia
100% THC-free, flavored CBD isolatesThose who want a THC-free option
Sourced from non-GMO, organic American hempThose who don’t like the natural flavor of hemp
Third-party lab testedFirst-time and experienced users of CBD
Mid-range pricing, around $0.08 to $0.20 per mgOccasional and daily users of CBD
30-day money-back guaranteePet owners
Free shipping, bulk pricing, seniors and veterans discounts availableCBD vape users
Available online and in retail locations

Curious about HempBombs?

HempBombs Company History

HempBombs is based in Tampa, Florida, and partners with local American farms to produce its hemp. Other than that, there’s very little information about the company, its backstory, or its leadership team online.

However, HempBombs more than makes up for their lack of transparency around their company, through their commitment to transparency about their products. Each product page includes a detailed ingredient lists, along with a link to view the full third-party lab report. They also explain their hemp sourcing and CBD extraction methods.

The company also takes care to provide CBD education on its website, through its blog and learning center. Both areas of the website share information on how to safely use CBD, how CBD can relieve specific health issues, and how to choose the best HempBombs product for you.

HempBombs products can be purchased on their website or through their affiliate and wholesale partners.

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

HempBombs extracts their CBD from organic industrial hemp grown on American farms. The company has previously used European farms, but as the American legislative environment became friendlier toward hemp, they moved their sourcing to local farms in the U.S.

HempBombs uses the CO2 extraction method to extract their CBD oil from the hemp plant. This method is the safest and most efficient extraction method for CBD, ensuring a high concentration of CBD in the final product—one that’s free of harmful toxins, heavy metals, or residual solvents.

After extraction, their products undergo an additional process to form the CBD isolate. This ensures that the CBD contains 99% pure CBD, with no other cannabinoids or plant materials. Completely THC-free, HempBombs products are ideal for users who are concerned about drug testing, or who simply don’t want the presence of THC in their CBD oil.

Finally, all of their products are tested for potency and purity by Desert Valley Testing, a third-party lab.

HempBombs Product Selection

HempBombs is notable for offering exclusively 100% THC-free CBD oils. All of their products use CBD isolate, so they contain 99% pure CBD and no other cannabinoids or plant materials.

Besides their CBD oils, Hemp Bombs also sells branded “Hemp Bomb Nation” gear for loyal customers, including apparel, wristbands, pens, and stress balls.

TincturesGummiesCapsulesPet Oils
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

300mg (30ml) / $0.17 per mg
600mg (30ml) / $0.13 per mg
1000mg (30ml) / $0.10 per mg
2000mg (30ml) / $0.09 per mg
4000mg (30ml) / $0.08 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Original and Sleep (15mg)
5-ct / $0.20 per mg
15-ct / $0.16 per mg
30-ct / $0.13 per mg
60-ct / $0.11 per mg

High-Potency (25mg)
5-ct / $0.16 per mg
30-ct / $0.11 per mg
60-ct / $0.09 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

15mg capsules
5-ct / $0.20 per mg
15-ct / $0.16 per mg
30-ct / $0.13 per mg
60-ct / $0.11 per mg

25mg capsules
60-ct / $0.09 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Pet Tinctures
125mg (30ml) / $0.24 per mg
300mg (30ml) / $0.17 per mg
1000mg (30ml) $0.09 per mg

Dog Treats
10mg treats (8-pk) / $0.19 per mg
EdiblesVape OilsTopicals
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Max Chill CBD Shot
75mg (2oz) / $0.20 per mg
75mg (5-pk) / $0.16 per mg

CBD Syrup
100mg (4oz) / $0.20 per mg
300mg (4oz) / $0.17 per mg
1000mg (4oz) / $0.10 per mg

CBD 40mg Lollipops
2-pk / $0.19 per mg
4-pk / $0.16 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Vape E-Liquid and E-Liquid Additives
75mg (16.5ml) / $0.20 per mg
250mg (16.5ml) / $0.16 per mg
300mg (60ml) / $0.17 per mg
1000mg (60ml) / $0.10 per mg
2000mg (60ml) / $0.09 per mg
4000mg (120ml) / $0.08 per mg

Vape Tank Cartridge
125mg (1ml) / $0.24 per mg
300mg (1ml) / $0.17 per mg
1000mg (1ml) / $0.10 per mg

Vape Pens
125mg / $0.24 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

CBD Pain Rub
50mg (1oz) / $0.30 per mg
200mg (4oz) / $0.20 per mg

CBD Beard Oil
25mg (15ml) / $0.60 per mg

CBD Beard Balm
25mg (1oz) / $0.60 per mg

CBD Pleasure Gel
100mg (2oz) / $0.20 per mg

CBD Tattoo Ointment
50mg (1oz) / $0.30 per mg
200mg (4oz) / $0.20 per mg

CBD Tinctures

HempBombs offers their CBD oil tinctures in five strengths, catering to a spectrum of users with different dosage needs. Each strength comes in the same 30ml-size bottle, so you simply get a more potent dose of CBD with each higher strength:

  • 300mg tincture = 5mg of CBD per serving
  • 600mg tincture = 10mg of CBD per serving
  • 1000mg tincture = 16.6mg of CBD per serving
  • 2000mg tincture = 33.3mg of CBD per serving
  • 4000mg tincture = 66.6mg of CBD per serving

In addition to CBD, the HempBombs tinctures use a mix of hemp oil, grapeseed oil, and MCT oil as a base. Each strength is available in two flavors: watermelon or peppermint. There is no all-natural, unflavored version.

The recommended serving size is a half-dropper. HempBombs recommends starting with 1 to 4 servings and adjusting as needed. The tinctures can be applied sublingually or added to a beverage.

CBD Gummies

Perhaps more than any other product, HempBombs is known for their CBD gummies. Available in three formulations and multiple quantities, their CBD gummy selection is plentiful. Gummy options include:

  • Original Gummies: Containing 15mg of CBD each, these are specially formulated to relieve anxiety, thanks to the inclusion of amino acid L-Theanine and calming herbs Scutellaria and Passiflora. To create the gummy, these also include sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, calcium lactate, silicon dioxide, and natural and artificial flavors. HempBombs recommends 1 to 2 gummies daily.
  • High-Potency Gummies: These contain a similar blend to the Original gummies, but with an additional 10mg of CBD each, totaling to 25mg of CBD per gummy. These are better for users with higher levels of anxiety and stress.
  • Sleep Gummies: These contain 15mg of CBD each, along with 5mg of natural sleep aid melatonin and L-Theanine for additional anxiety relief. Unlike their other gummies, which can be taken at any time of day, these should be taken before bed.

All three formulations are available in 60-count and 30-count bottles, as well as a 5-count travel pack. The Original formula is additionally available in a 15-count bottle.

CBD Capsules

Like their CBD gummies, the HempBombs CBD capsules are also designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Their CBD capsules are available in two strengths: a 15mg capsule and a high-potency 25mg capsule. The 15mg capsules are available in 60-, 30-, 15-, and 5-count bottles, while the 25mg capsules are only available in a 60-count bottle.

Each capsule contains CBD, 25mg of calcium and magnesium, and a proprietary anti-anxiety blend of L-Theanine, GABA, magnolia bark, scutellaria, and passiflora.

CBD Edibles

When it comes to edible CBD, HempBombs doesn’t stop with gummies and capsules. They’ve also formulated a few more unique products to cater to those who prefer to take their CBD orally. These include:

  • Max Chill CBD Shot: This “Relaxation” shot is formulated to promote calm and reduce anxiety, thanks to a blend of 75mg of CBD along with natural anxiety-relievers L-Theanine, white willow bark, N-Acetyl-5-Methoxy Tryptamine (melatonin),  and passiflora. Because of the high dose of CBD, along with melatonin, this should be drunk either before bed or at a time when a person wants to enjoy “max chill.” Additional ingredients include sucralose, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and natural flavors to create the fruity taste.
  • CBD Relaxation Syrup: Likewise designed to induce sleep and promote calm, the HempBombs CBD syrup is available in three strengths: 100mg, 300mg, and 1000mg. These equate to serving sizes of 25mg, 37.5 mg, and 41.7mg of CBD, respectively. The Syrup can be taken on its own, added to a drink, or mixed in with a smoothie. Besides the CBD, the syrup contains a blend of sleep-promoting ingredients, like GABA, L-Theanine, N-Acetyl-5-Methoxy Tryptamine (melatonin), scutellaria, passiflora, and melissa officinalis (lemon balm). To create the fruity flavor, other ingredients include purified water, vegetable glycerine, sucrose, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, potassium benzoate, and sodium citrate.
  • CBD Lollipops: Each of these contains a potent 40mg dose of CBD in one of four fruity flavors: cherry, green apple, pink lemonade, and watermelon. The Lollipops are designed for the CBD user on the go, and can be bought in 2- and 4-packs. When ordering, you can customize your pack by selecting the individual flavors, which is a nice perk. The Lollipops are vegan and contain the following additional ingredients: soy lecithin, sodium lactate, malic acid, corn syrup, sugar, and natural and artificial flavors and coloring.

CBD Vape Oils

HempBombs sells CBD vape oils to suit any kind of CBD vape user, with a product line that includes e-liquids, e-liquid additives, vape cartridges, and vape pens.

  • CBD E-Liquids: HempBombs vape liquids come in five strengths and nearly fifteen flavors, with options like Arctic Spearmint Blast, Roasted Colombian Coffee, and Exotic Watermelon Kush. The vape oils contain CBD with a 70/30 VG/PG split. Strengths include 75mg, 250mg, 300mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg. All strengths are available as individual bottles, although the 75mg can also be purchased in a 4- or 10-pack for extra savings. When purchasing in multi-packs, you can select the individual flavors to make up your pack, just like the HempBombs lollipops. Even though they contain food-grade ingredients, HempBombs CBD e-liquids should be used only with vaporizers, rather than consumed orally.
  • CBD E-Liquid Additives: These flavorless additives can be added to your e-liquid of choice to give it a boost of CBD. These have the same 70/30 VG/PG split as the HempBombs e-liquids, and are available in all the same concentrations, from 75mg to 4000mg.
  • CBD Vape Cartridges: Unlike their e-liquids and vape additives, the HempBombs vape cartridges are only available in three concentrations: 125mg, 300mg, and 1000mg. These prefilled glass cartridges contain 1ml of CBD e-liquid with a 70/30 VG/PG split. Because they use a universal 510 thread battery, they should be compatible with most vape devices, although you can also buy a compatible vape cartridge battery kit from HempBombs.
  • CBD Vape Pens: These disposable pens are made for those who want to try out different vape flavors, or simply have a travel-ready vaping option. These are pre-filled with 125mg of CBD and a flavor of your choice (Exotic Watermelon Kush, Wild Blueberry Jam, and Bangin Fruity Bedrock). The device is ready to use out of the box and designed to last 150 puffs.

CBD Topicals

HempBombs also offers a wide range of CBD topicals, including:

  • CBD Pain Freeze: Available in 1oz (50mg) and 4oz (200mg) tubs, this CBD freeze rub is designed to relieve the aches, pains, and inflammation associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, exercise recovery, and sunburn. The product can be applied directly to the skin up to 4 times per day. In addition to CBD, this topical rub includes menthol for cooling relief, as well as anti-inflammatory tea tree oil for added moisturization.
  • CBD Beard Care: HempBombs offer two topical products for beard care: a CBD beard oil and a CBD beard balm. They can also be purchased together as a bundle for 15% off. The Beard Oil nourishes and restores beard hairs and skin, while the Beard Balm can be used as a sculpting tool. In addition to CBD, these beard care products contain natural essential oils that promote hair and skin health by reducing inflammation, redness, itchiness, and ingrown hairs. The CBD Beard Oil contains 15mg of CBD along with jojoba, sweet almond, vitamin E, argan, and bourbon sandalwood oil. The Beard Balm includes 25mg of CBD, along with shea butter, beeswax, and argan, jojoba, avocado, and coconut oils.
  • CBD Pleasure Gel: This water-based lubricant contains 100mg of CBD, helping relieve the inflammation and discomfort that may occur with sex, while also enabling partners to relax into a more enjoyable sexual experience. The gel is safe to apply to intimate areas, skin, toys, or condoms. The 20oz bottle can also be purchased in a 3-pack for 15% off.
  • CBD Tattoo Ointment: HempBombs also provides topical relief for those with new tattoos, allowing them to hasten healing with the natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of CBD. The HempBombs Tattoo Ointment comes in two sizes: a 50mg/1oz container and a 200mg/4oz container. Both contain the same potency of CBD, so it’s simply a matter of buying the best size based on how often you get tattoos, or how large your tattoo is. In addition to CBD, the tattoo ointment includes soothing coconut, olive, vitamin e, and lavender essential oils, along with lanolin and beeswax. The ointment should be applied several times a day to new tattoos. Once the tattoo is closer to being fully healed, the dosage can slow down to a few times per week.

CBD for Pets

When creating their product selection, HempBombs didn’t forget about our furry friends. Their CBD pet oils use the same organic, non-GMO hemp that their human oils do, but in chicken and beef flavors your dog will love.

Available in a variety of strengths and two product types, the HempBombs dog oils selection ensures there’s something to help every dog, regardless of their body weight or the severity of their symptoms:

  • Pet CBD Oils: The pet tinctures come in three strengths: 125mg, 300mg, and 1000mg. A serving size is a half-dropper, which includes 2.06mg, 5mg, and 16.6mg of CBD respectively, depending on the strength. The recommended dose is 2 drops for every 10 pounds of your dog’s body weight. To save you the math of multiplying serving sizes by your pet’s body weight, HempBombs has put together a Pet Dosing Chart, which is color-coded and easy to understand. The tinctures can be applied directly to your dog’s tongue, or to the back of their cheek or gum line. The oil can also be mixed in with their food or drink. The pet oils use hemp oil and MCT oil as a base.
  • CBD Dog Biscuits: These come in an 8-pack. Each dog treat contains 10mg of CBD, along with a long list of ingredients to create the biscuit and give it its chicken flavor.

Our Take on HempBombs

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of HempBombs. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

THC-free tinctures, gummies, capsules, edibles, vape oils, topicals, and pet oils available in a range of strengths and flavorsTinctures and capsules contain MCT oil, which may be an issue for those with coconut allergies
100% organic, non-GMO, American grown hempNo full-spectrum CBD oils
Third-party lab testedGummies, syrups, and lollipops contain artificial flavoring, corn syrup, and added sugars
Free shipping, bulk pricing, seniors and veterans discounts availableAll products contain added flavoring, either from natural or artificial ingredients
30-day money-back guaranteeLimited information on company leadership
Available online and in retail locations

Take a look at what HempBombs has to offer:

Product Selection

HempBombs CBD carries a varied selection of traditional CBD oils people expect (like tinctures and gummies) as well as unusual, innovative products (like CBD beard balm and pleasure oils). All of their products use CBD isolates, so they contain 0% THC. This is ideal for people who want to enjoy their CBD, THC-free, but it also means there are no suitable options for people who prefer full-spectrum CBD oils.

HempBombs products are available online and in local retailers. However, HempBombs does not provide a retailer search on their website, so there’s no way to easily find where you can buy them in a store near you.


HempBombs sources their hemp from local American farms who are organic-certified and 100% pesticide-free.

While their CBD is sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp, HempBombs takes care to note that their other ingredients are not always organic, vegan, gluten-free, or non-GMO. For example, their gummies and capsules both contain gelatin, so they’re not vegan.

HempBombs provides a detailed list of ingredients for most of their products, but not all. For instance, their CBD tinctures don’t specify whether the watermelon or peppermint flavoring is natural or artificial, which may pose a problem for those looking for purity in their products.


HempBombs readily shares third-party test results for all of the products on their website, which speaks to their commitment to quality and potency. You can find the latest test certificate on each product page, as well as on a dedicated Lab Test Results page. The company also does an excellent job specifying the amount of CBD per serving size.


HempBombs is all about flavor. If you want CBD that tastes great, this is your brand.

Nearly all of their CBD oils come in flavored varieties, from the two flavors available with their tinctures, to the wide array of nearly fifteen flavors for their vape oils. Even their pet oils are flavored to taste like chicken or beef. The exception here are their topical products, which shouldn’t be consumed orally, and their CBD capsules, which are flavorless.

The company’s focus on flavor makes HempBombs a great fit for those who are new to CBD oil, and may find hemp’s natural earthy flavor unpalatable. It also appeals to those who prefer to vape their CBD. However, users looking for an all-natural CBD tincture won’t find it here.

Ordering and Shipping Process

HempBombs ships to all 50 states and nearly 20 international locations. A full list of locations is listed on their Shipping page.

HempBombs offers free standard shipping on all U.S. orders over $75. Otherwise, it costs a flat $5.00. Domestic orders shipped with the standard rate can take 5 to 10 business days to arrive, while international orders can take 4 to 6 weeks. Expedited shipping, for delivery within 1 to 3 business days, is available for $14.99.

Customer Service

CBD can be confusing for new users, especially among a selection as large as HempBombs. So, the company offers a Product Finder quiz to help point new users toward the best product for them. The short quiz asks users about their experience level with CBD and their preferred ingestion method. Quiz takers receive a 10% discount upon completion.

Alternately, you can reach the HempBombs customer service team via phone or web form on weekdays, between 9am to 5pm.

HempBombs also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can receive a full refund for any reason, as long as the product is returned within 30 days of purchase. You can also exchange it for another product of similar or lesser value. HempBombs products purchased from local retailers are subject to that store’s return policy.


HempBombs provides a lot of value to a wide range of CBD users, both in their variety of their selection and in their pricing.

Most of their products are priced on par with the industry average, or just below it. Moreover, their price per mg stays fairly consistent across the various product types. It’s really about choosing the best method of ingestion for you, without worrying about whether you’re choosing the cheapest method. HempBombs also makes their products available in different strengths and quantities, so users can find the most cost-effective option for them (a larger bottle costs less per mg).

Most HempBombs products can be purchased in multi-packs for additional savings, usually around 15% off. For a steeper, 20% off discount, you can try out one of their CBD Bundles. These contain a variety of products to cater to different types of users, such as a sample set introducing users to various methods of ingesting CBD, a bundle focused on edibles exclusively, or a high-potency bundle that includes high-strength formulas of their popular products.

There are even more discounts available. Seniors, veterans, and active duty military personnel can enjoy a 15% discount year-round. Other customers can take advantage of free shipping discounts and seasonal promotions. For example, at the time of writing, HempBombs was running a 11% discount on their CBD capsules.

Finally, customers can earn more savings by referring local retailers to HempBombs. Once the store places an order, the customer will receive a $75 voucher from HempBombs.

Learn More About HempBombs

To learn more about HempBombs, we invite you to read our interview.