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CBDfx CBD Oil Review

CBDfx sells a large product selection of CBD oils, vapes, gummies, capsules, topicals, and more. Their varied selection has something to offer everyone. CBDfx also boasts affordable pricing, organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, and free shipping on all orders.

We recommend CBDfx for:
Full-spectrum, low- to mid-strength CBD oil tinctures, vapes, edibles, capsules, topicals, terpenes, concentrates, and pet oilsFirst-time and experienced users of CBD
Sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp grown in Europe and KentuckyAnyone using CBD for general wellness, or for mild to moderate anxiety, pain, or insomnia relief
Mid-range pricing, around $0.11 to $0.28 per mgOccasional and daily users of CBD
Third-party lab testedThose who don’t like the natural flavor of hemp
Organic, gluten-free, and vegan ingredientsThose who prefer full-spectrum CBD
Free shipping on all ordersPet owners
30-day money-back guaranteeValue shoppers
Bulk pricing and military discounts availableCBD vape users
Available online and in retail locations

Browse CBDfx’s selection of products:

CBDfx Company History

Through their “worldwide CBD marketplace,” CBDfx aims to make a wide range of CBD products available to consumers of all types, both experienced and novice.

True to their word, CBDfx sells one of the largest, most diverse product lines of CBD products we’ve seen online. They sell traditional CBD oils like tinctures and capsules, as well as less-seen, unique products like face serums, drinkable shots, and sublingual strips in fun flavors. They ship to both domestic and international locations, and their products are sold in many retail locations throughout the U.S.

The company is also committed to innovation. They regularly introduce new CBD products to the market, so their customers are never at a loss to find a product that’s suitable to their lifestyle and health needs.

CBDfx is headquartered in Chatsworth, CA.

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

CBDfx extracts their CBD oils from 100% organic hemp plants grown in Europe or Kentucky. From there, the plants are shipped to Southern California labs for extraction and processing.

CBDfx uses CO2 extraction to extract their CBD oils, which is widely considered the safest and most efficient method for extracting CBD oil. Their use of CO2 extraction, along with their organic farming practices, indicates that the products CBDfx sells are high-quality. However, beyond these details, the company does not provide much more information about their growing or production methods.

But, importantly, all of their products are tested by a third-party lab, and CBDfx makes those lab results very accessible to customers. The “Lab Reports” page on their website lists the most recent lab results for every strength and flavor variety of their products, helpfully organized by product type. The same lab report is also linked to from each product page.

CBDfx Product Selection

CBDfx offers a diverse selection of CBD oils, vape products, gummies, capsules, topicals, and other CBD products. All of their CBD products are full-spectrum.

Full-spectrum refers to other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other naturally occurring elements of the hemp plant being present in the CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD products are distinct from CBD isolates, which contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids. There is evidence that full-spectrum CBD may be more effective than CBD isolates. Since the other cannabinoids and terpenes have their own therapeutic benefits, their presence may help amplify the effect of CBD on the human body. This is known as the “entourage effect.”

However, it’s important to note that full-spectrum CBD oils—like the ones CBDfx sells—may contain trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less). While this is not enough to make a person feel the psychoactive effects of THC, some people prefer to enjoy CBD and CBD alone, so CBD isolates are a better fit for them. CBDistillery, cbdMD, and Green Roads all sell THC-free CBD oils.

Besides CBD oils, CBDfx also sells gift cards and t-shirts.

TincturesVape OilsTerpenesTopicalsCapsules
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

500mg (30ml) / $0.15 per mg
1000mg (30ml) / $0.13 per mg
1500mg (30ml) / $0.11 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Vape oils
250mg (30ml) / $0.16 per mg
500mg (30ml) / $0.12 per mg
1000mg (30ml) / $0.12 per mg

Vape additives
120mg (10ml) / $0.42 per mg
300mg (10ml) / $0.25 per mg

Vape pens
30mg (single) / $0.50 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Vape oils
250mg (30ml) / $0.28 per mg
500mg (30ml) / $0.18 per mg

Vape pens
50mg (single) / $0.40 per mg
50mg (4-pack) / $0.35 per mg)
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

Face serum
250mg (30ml) / $0.40 per mg

100mg (30ml) / $0.30 per mg
150mg (50ml) / $0.27 per mg

150mg (2oz) / $0.27 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

25mg capsules (30-count) / $0.08 per mg

25mg capsules (8-pack) / $0.10 per mg
GummiesEdiblesDrinksConcentratesPet Oils
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

5mg gummies (60-count) / $0.20 per mg
5mg gummies (8-pack) / $0.25 per m
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

15mg strips (3-count) / $0.22 per mg
25mg strips (5-count) / $0.16 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

20mg (2oz) / $0.35 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

300mg (1g) / $0.17 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

150mg (30ml) / $0.27 per mg
300mg (30ml) / $0.20 per mg
600mg (30ml) / $0.15 per mg

CBD Tinctures

CBDfx CBD tinctures can be applied directly under the tongue, or added to food or drink. The CBD they use in their tinctures is sourced from Kentucky farms, and uses MCT oil as a base. MCT oil is 100% vegan and includes beneficial fatty acids, but it can pose a problem for those with coconut allergies.

CBDfx offers both flavored and unflavored versions of their CBD oils. Because hemp has an earthy flavor that many people don’t like, CBDfx has sought out to make CBD oils more enjoyable by infusing many of their tinctures with fun flavors like Blueberry Pineapple, Lemon Lime Mint, and Lychee Lemon Kiwi. These flavors are created using “organic natural flavors,” although CBDfx does not specify the ingredients beyond that.

All flavored and unflavored versions come in the same three strengths: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. The unflavored bottles are also available in a two-pack for a discounted price and contain no additional ingredients.

CBD Vape Oils

Many people prefer to vape CBD because they find the act of inhalation soothing. Vape oils can also make taking CBD more pleasant, since CBD e-liquids are often formulated with natural flavoring to create a sweet taste. CBDfx is unique for having a large selection of CBD vaping products, including vape oils, vape additives, and vape pens and kits.

  • CBDfx’s vape juice is designed to go directly into a refillable vape pen you already own (or, you can buy a new pen from CBDfx). All of their vape oils are available in three strengths: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Flavors include Blue Raspberry, Fruity Cereal, Rainbow Candy, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Milk, and Wild Watermelon. CBDfx uses a 50/50 vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol base for their vape juice. Vape oils can be purchased standalone, or in a 6-pack for additional savings.
  • Unlike their vape juice, CBDfx’s vape additives are designed to be mixed in with an e-liquid you already use. You can also apply these beneath the tongue as a sublingual tincture. Vape additives allow users to create intermediary doses between the ones offered by CBDfx’s vape juices, since you can add drops of these into your own e-liquid. Because these are added to another (presumably flavored) e-liquid, none of the CBDfx vape additives are flavored. They’re available in two strengths: 120mg and 300mg. The vape additives can also be purchased in 3- or 12-packs for additional savings, or with a vape kit if you don’t already own one.
  • CBDfx also sells disposable vape pens, which can be great for first-time vapers, experienced users sampling a new flavor, or traveling users who don’t want to worry about charging their pen. These activate upon inhale, so there’s no need to press a button to operate the pen. Each pen contains a single 30mg serving of CBD, sourced from Kentucky-grown hemp. Flavors include Fresh Mint, Tropic Breeze, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry Lemonade. The pens can be purchased in 3- or 12-packs for a discounted price.

In addition to the CBD vape pens and oils, CBDfx also sells rechargeable vape kits, pens, and cartridges. These can be purchased empty or with a CBD oil.

CBD Terpenes

In its natural state, CBD has a very earthy flavor, just like the hemp plant it comes from. Many people find this takes some getting used to, and some people never get used to it. To cater to these folks, CBD brands often add natural ingredients to create flavored versions of their CBD oils, as CBDfx does.

Another option is to choose a CBD oil rich in terpenes. Terpenes occur naturally in the hemp plant, and are known for giving unique strains of cannabis their distinct flavor or taste. It’s possible terpenes may have beneficial effects of their own, although this hasn’t been proven yet. Even so, a terpene-rich CBD oil may enhance the health-promoting benefits of CBD, while also making the CBD oil more palatable to taste.

CBDfx sells terpene-rich vape oils and vape pens. Their vape oils are available in two strengths—250mg and 500mg, and are designed to be added to a rechargeable vape pen you already own. The vape pens, on the other hand, are disposable and contain 50mg of CBD each.

Both the oils and vape pens come in four flavors: OG Kush, Gelato, Pineapple Express, and Platinum Rose. To figure out which flavor you like, you can order a 4-pack of the disposable pens, which contains one of each flavor for a discounted price.

CBD Topicals

CBDfx sells several different CBD topicals, from face serums to creams and balms.

  • The CBDfx Rejuvediol Face Serum can be used as a daily anti-aging moisturizer for all skin types, although it’s specially formulated to relieve irritated, dry, and inflamed skin. In addition to 250mg of CBD, the serum includes essential oils (orange, vetiver, lavender, frankincense, and bergamot), vitamin E and chamomile, and oils like jojoba, grape seed, shea butter, and prickly pear. To apply, wash your face first with cleanser. Then, rub 8 to 10 drops of the serum into your palms to warm it up, before patting over the face and neck.
  • The CBDfx CBD topical cream relieves pain, inflammation, and irritated skin. It comes in two strengths: 100mg and 150mg. CBDfx recommends applying the stronger version to larger bodily areas, and the less-potent version to the face and neck. In addition to CBD, the cream includes caffeine (to facilitate blood flow and relieve inflammation), and menthol and white willow bark (to relieve pain).
  • The CBDfx sells four skin balms. All contain 150mg of CBD, but with different added ingredients, depending on the intended effect. The Calming balm includes lavender, chamomile, and tea tree oils to heal irritated skin, while calming the mind. The Muscle balm contains peppermint, camphor, and wintergreen oils to relieve muscle pain and promote exercise recovery. The Overnight Recovery balm includes primrose, lavender, and orange oils to relax the mind and body into sleep. Finally, the Shea Butter Citrus balm includes tangerine, lemon, and orange oils to soothe and moisturize the skin while activating and energizing the mind.

CBD Capsules

CBDfx also sells CBD capsules, for those who want a no-frills way to take their CBD along with their daily vitamins. The CBD in their capsules comes from Kentucky farms.

CBDfx’s softgels come in a single strength, and are available in 30-count bottles or 8-count travel pack. In addition to 25mg of CBD, each capsule contains MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) and gelatin as a base.

CBDfx recommends taking 1 or 2 capsules daily, with food. If you’re using these to help you sleep better, they recommend taking the dose at night before you go to bed.

CBD Gummies

Among all CBD products, CBD gummies are the most likely to contain corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners. Fortunately, customers don’t have to worry about that with CBDfx.

CBDfx’s gummies contain 5mg of their full-spectrum CBD, along with 100% vegan and gluten-free ingredients to create their berry flavoring. These ingredients include organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, and organic fruit and vegetable juice. CBDfx also sells a blend that contains superfoods turmeric and spirulina for an antioxidant boost.

The gummies are sold in 60-count bottles and 8-count travel packs.

CBD Edibles

Many people like the ability to enjoy a sweet flavor with their CBD, which CBD gummies offer, but they don’t want to wait the 30 to 90 minutes for the CBD to travel through their digestive system first.

With their edible CBD strips, CBDfx offers the best of both worlds. Users can enjoy the fast-acting relief of sublingual administration, with the tasty flavor of an CBD oral product. The CBDfx strips contain 15mg or 25mg of CBD each, and are designed to be laid directly on the tongue until they dissolve. Their minty flavor tastes great and freshens your breath.

The 25mg strips come in a 5-pack, and the 15mg strips come in a 3-pack.

CBD Drinks

One of CBDfx’s more unique products is their CBD shots. These single-dose servings of CBD should be served chilled and drunk at once. Their CBD Chill Shot contains 20 mg of CBD along with 200mg of L-Theanine. Commonly found in green tea, this amino acid is known for lowering anxiety and blood pressure.

CBDfx Chill Shots come in two flavors—lemonade and berry—and can be purchased in 1, 3, 6, or 12-packs.

In addition to the CBD and L-Theanine, CBDfx shots include water, natural flavoring, soy lecithin, citric acid, sodium chloride, sucralose, gellan gum, tocopheryl acetate, sodium benzoate, and food-grade ethanol.

CBD Concentrates

Those interested in a highly concentrated CBD option may enjoy CBDfx’s raw wax dab concentrates. The one gram tin contains 30% CBD oil and 300mg of pure CBD.

This product is designed for dabbing, and comes with a dab pen and USB charger included. To use, apply a rice grain-sized dab directly onto the coil in the dab pen. Then click the button on the pen and inhale. The pen will instantly heat the wax so it can be inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream through your lungs, providing near-instant relief.

You can also use the wax without the pen, by scooping out the wax and applying it beneath your tongue.

CBD for Pets

CBDfx sells their same oil tinctures in a blend specially formulated for dogs and other furry friends. Their CBD pet oils come in three strengths: 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg. Each strength comes in the same 30ml size bottle, so the higher potencies are designed to be most cost-effective for owners with larger pets (since they contain more CBD per drop). Owners should choose the appropriate potency based on their pet’s weight:

  • CBDfx recommends the “Small Breed” 150mg for cats and dogs under 20 pounds.  
  • The “Medium Breed” 300mg is for pets weighing 20 to 60 pounds.
  • The “Large Breed” is for pets weighing over 60 pounds.

The CBDfx pet oils contain the hemp extract, with coconut oil as a base, and no added flavoring.

Our Take on CBDfx

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of CBDfx. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

Large, varied product selection of full-spectrum CBDHemp is 100% organic, but not always locally grown (hemp is sourced from either Kentucky or European farms)
Free shipping for all ordersTinctures and capsules contain MCT oil, which may be an issue for those with coconut allergies
Third-party lab testedNo high-strength CBD oils
No artificial flavoring or colorsNo THC-free options
Natural, organic, vegan-friendly ingredientsLimited information on hemp sourcing and production process
Available for purchase online and in local retailers
Bulk pricing and military discounts available

See what CBDfx has in store:

Product Selection

CBDfx offers one of the most diverse product lines of CBD products we’ve seen. They sell both the standard options people expect to see—like tinctures, vapes, topicals, capsules, and gummies—as well as unique offerings like CBD shots and mint strips.

Those who prefer to vape CBD will gain the most value from their product selection since they sell various flavors, strengths, and types of vape products. They also sell CBD oil for pets.


CBDfx extracts their CBD oil from 100% organic hemp. However, not all of their hemp is organically grown, which can be a dealbreaker for consumers who prefer to support American businesses. Where possible, we’ve noted whether a particular CBDfx product uses hemp sourced from Kentucky or Europe.

We would like to see more detail from CBDfx about their hemp and CBD production process. However, we do applaud them for their transparency with their third-party lab results. All of their products are tested by PharmLabs, and the test results are easily discoverable on the website.


Much of CBDfx’s products offer low- to mid-strength concentrations of CBD. This makes them ideal for CBD first-timers, as well as more experienced users who take CBD for general wellness or to cope with a specific, mild to moderate health issue.

But for all its variety, the CBDfx product selection does fall short in one area. Their highest-strength product is their 1500mg tinctures. They don’t have any products with higher potencies of CBD, so this may not be a good fit for users who need a higher amount of CBD to cope with severe pain, anxiety, or another health problem.


One thing CBDfx excels at is taste. All of their products come in flavored varieties. Moreover, they use organic, vegan-friendly ingredients to create their flavors, which you don’t always see with CBD products.

But, there are still plenty of options for those who prefer to take their CBD in its natural state. The CBD tinctures, capsules, vape additives, and concentrates all come unflavored.

Ordering and Shipping Process

Standard shipping is included for free with all orders. Orders are fulfilled within 2 business days and typically arrive with 5 to 10 business days. Customers can also upgrade to expedited shipping: $7.89 for Priority Mail (1 to 3 business days) or $3.65 for First Class (3 to 5 business days). CBDfx ships to both domestic and international locations.

If you sign up for a CBDfx when checking out, you’ll be able to check your order status under the My Account page. Otherwise, you’ll be able to track your order through the shipping confirmation email they send you.

Customer Service

The CBDfx customer service team is available weekdays 9am to 5pm Pacific time. They can be reached via email, phone, or web form.

All CBDfx products come with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty. To initiate a return, customers must contact the customer service team within 30 days. Products must be returned unused and unopened, in their original packaging. Damaged or defective products must be reported within 48 hours of delivery to receive a replacement.


CBDfx stands out for their affordable pricing. Depending on the product you choose, you can enjoy a cost as low as $0.08 or $0.10 per mg. They do have some expensive products, such as their face serum or CBD shots, but most of their prices are about mid-range or lower. That middle-of-the-road pricing even applies to their disposable products and travel packs, which you typically see for a significantly higher cost per mg.

Plus, CBDfx offers additional ways for shoppers to save, from their bulk pricing to military discounts and seasonal promotions. The multi-packs can be extremely cost-effective for experienced, chronic CBD users, since you can buy in bulk and save more per bottle (around 15% off).

CBDfx also sells bundle packs that contain multiple products. These make great gifts, but just as easily offer a more affordable way for customers to try out different products. Bundles may include a variety of several of one product category (like different flavored vape pens, or two topical products), or products across categories (like vape pens and CBD shots).

Finally, the company runs regular sales and promotions through their website and social media accounts. For example, at the time of writing, they were holding a 20% off sitewide Memorial Day Sale. Year-round, CBDfx offers a 20% off discount to military service members and first responders.

Learn More About CBDfx

To learn more about CBDfx, we invite you to read our interview.