CBD Products

CBD comes in a variety of product types, from oil tinctures and vape oils to edibles and bath bombs. Explore the different types of CBD products available and make an informed buying decision.

Individual CBD Company Reviews and Information

Different Types of CBD Oils

CBD provides a wide range of health benefits, and it’s just as versatile in the types of products you can buy. All of these products are equally effective, so the best CBD product for you mostly comes down to your personal preference.

How quickly would you like to start feeling the effects of CBD? Inhalation or sublingual application is best for acute relief, while edibles and oral ingestion will take longer to feel the effects.

Are you taking CBD to soothe post-workout aches and pains, or chronic pain from arthritis? You might prefer the opportunity to give yourself a massage, and rub a CBD topical cream into the affected area, rather than the no-frills approach of swallowing a CBD capsule.

Do you like the natural earthy flavor of CBD? Naturally, CBD has an earthy flavor like the hemp plant it comes from. If this doesn’t suit your appetite, check out the flavors offered by CBD vape oils and CBD gummies.

How to Buy CBD

As a new industry, CBD is not subject to regulations by the FDA. Make a safe purchase by evaluating the manufacturer of any CBD product you’re considering buying.

Confirm that they use third-party testing to verify the concentration of CBD in their products and the safety of other ingredients. They should also use CO2 extraction and source their CBD from locally-grown, organic hemp