CBD Discount Codes

Lots of people benefit from CBD oil, from the person taking it to relieve the occasional bout of insomnia to daily users who take it to cope with chronic pain. But at a few cents to a few dollars per milligram, CBD isn’t affordable for everyone. 

If you’re taking CBD oil on a regular basis, you’d probably love to know how you can spend a bit less money on it. You’ve come to the right place. Below we share our best tips for finding CBD discounts and promo codes, and offer suggestions for how to save on CBD oil—even without a coupon. 

How to Find CBD Discount Codes

Follow these ten tips to find CBD promo codes and save on your next order of CBD oil.

1. Check the company’s website.

Most CBD brands know you’re more likely to buy if you can save on your purchase. So, they’ll readily advertise their latest promo codes on their website. These may be displayed via a banner at the top of the page, or special pop-ups that appear as you browse the site. Some brands, like PlusCBD Oil, will have a special “Deals” page on their website where they share their current promotions: 

pluscbd oil deals page

You may have noted the “free shipping” banner at the top. Many CBD brands offer fast free shipping for all orders by default, including Populum, Sunday Scaries, Nuleaf Naturals, Lazarus Naturals, and SabaiDee.

2. Follow the brand on social media. 

Before you checkout, always check a brand’s social media page for extra promo codes. CBD brands are usually very active on Facebook and Instagram, and they reward their social followers with exclusive promo codes and flash sales.

Some brands, like SabaiDee, go out of their way to make these promo codes are easy to find. They’ve created a Story Highlight for their #Discounts:

sabaidee cbd shares promo codes on instagram

3. Sign up for their email newsletter.

Often, getting a one-time discount is as easy as signing up for a brand’s email newsletter. For example, HempBombs offers 10% off to each person who subscribes:

hempbombs offers cbd discount for subscribing to email newsletter

If you have a favorite CBD brand, we recommend signing up for their newsletter regardless of whether they reward you with a discount for doing so. Becoming a subscriber is the best way to ensure you’re the first to know of any sales and promo codes.

4. Search Google and coupon websites. 

Honestly, simply searching “[CBD brand name] promo codes” in Google is always a good idea to secure a quick discount. You’ll quickly be greeted with the latest discount codes for that particular brand, thanks to coupon aggregators like Honey, Offers.com, RetailMeNot, and others. 

cbd promo codes on honey

Once you find a CBD promo code, you can activate it using the same process you would follow for any other eCommerce site. If you click on the promo code from another website, such as one of these coupon aggregators, the promo code may already be applied at checkout. Otherwise, you’ll need to enter the promo code manually during checkout, and then click “Apply.”

5. Read online reviews.

You can also secure exclusive discounts from review sites. Many CBD brands offer discount codes through their affiliate programs, as a way to thank these reviewers for reviewing their products. Review sites are a great place to find discount codes for all kinds of CBD brands, from the ones who rarely offer sales to those who regularly run promotions. 

One word of caution with review sites, though: However, while CBD review sites are excellent for finding discounts, they’re not always great for finding unbiased information on CBD products. In order to encourage you to use their affiliate code, many reviewers may gloss over, or refrain from mentioning entirely, certain issues with a brand. Some CBD reviewers also have no issue promoting lower-quality brands to their readers. 

When reading CBD reviews, always research the site’s methodology. Trustworthy sites tend to be transparent with their review process. (You can see our own review methodology here.)

6. Wait for a holiday sale.

If you want a super steep discount, hold out for a holiday sale. CBD brands participate in all the major holiday sales, and they’ll offer unique discounts, bundle products, and giveaways. Here’s an example from Pure Hemp’s Thanksgiving sale:

cbd holiday sale giveaway for pure hemp

Besides Black Friday and Cyber Monday, keep your eyes peeled for these holiday sales:

  • New Year’s
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas or Boxing Day

7. Take advantage of bundle pricing. 

Check to see if a CBD brand offers bulk pricing for your favorite products. For example, CBDfx sells their CBD vape pens in multi-packs. Bought together, you save 15% off the regular price of purchasing these items individually.

cbdfx bulk pricing for multi packs

In addition to bulk pricing, some CBD companies offer bundle deals. CBD brands put these bundles together to offer customers a taste of multiple products at once, but they also offer you significant savings. For example, the Green Roads Beginner’s Relief bundle includes four different CBD products for almost 20% off the retail price:

green roads cbd bundle deals

8. Autoship your CBD.

While less common, some CBD brands do provide monthly subscriptions. Ordering your products on a subscription basis ensures you never run out. Even better, it ensures you get to enjoy your CBD for a little bit less than the average paying customer. 

For example, Populum’s standard subscription pricing offers 5% off the original price. At the time of writing, they were running a promotion offering 20% off!

populum cbd subscription pricing

Other subscription CBD brands include Sunday Scaries and Charlotte’s Web.

9. Join the customer rewards program.

A number of CBD brands also offer customer rewards programs, including Charlotte’s Web, Medterra, and Receptra Naturals. Signing up is free, and you can earn points for various activities, from buying products to promoting the brand on social media. Fab CBD offers one of the most expensive rewards programs we’ve seen, with rewards for various social media actions and a birthday reward:

fabcbd customer rewards program

These rewards programs may offer extra perks, like special CBD promo codes you can share with friends to help them save on their next purchase—with an extra discount for you, too!

10. Buy higher-strength products.

As long as you’re willing to do a bit of math, you can also save by buying higher-strength products and adjusting your dose of CBD accordingly. This approach allows you to save significantly in the long-term, although you’ll initially spend more upfront. 

How is this possible? Well, while higher-strength products cost more overall, they often come with a lower cost per milligram. Let’s use CBDistillery as an example. This is a popular brand among CBD users, because they consistently offer quality products for some of the lowest prices around. Take a look at their pricing for their CBD tinctures

cbdistillery thc free cbd oil tinctures pricing

The 2500mg tincture is the most expensive of the three. It’s twice the cost of the 1000mg bottle, and over three times the cost of the 500mg bottle. However, it offers the lowest price per mg:

StrengthServing SizeTotal PricePrice per Mg
500mg17mg per 1ml$42.00$0.08 per mg
1000mg33mg per 1ml$65.00$0.06 per mg
2500mg83mg per 1ml$130.00$0.05 per mg

This approach is best for experienced CBD users who are comfortable with varying their dose. It’s also easier to accomplish with products that can be split up easily, such as CBD tinctures, which typically include graduated droppers. 

To ensure you don’t miscalculate your dose, you’ll also need to know the serving size of CBD included with each full dropper. For instance, if you regularly take a full dropper of the CBDistillery 500mg strength tincture (at 17mg per serving), you would only need to take a half-dropper of the 1000mg tincture (33mg per serving) to maintain an equivalent dose—effectively enabling you to double the time it takes you to go through one bottle! 

Do You Qualify for CBD Assistance Programs?

A growing number of people use CBD oil to cope with chronic conditions, but not all of them can afford CBD at full price. Many CBD brands understand this, and offer financial assistance programs specifically to make their products more affordable to these people. 

Qualified individuals will vary by brand, but financial assistance may be available to seniors, veterans, active or retired military members, first responders, low-income individuals, and those on long-term disability. The discounts for these programs are significant, ranging from 15% to 60% off. 

If you or your spouse fall into one of these categories, contact the CBD brand to see if they offer discounts to you. Usually, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the website and provide a photo ID verifying your qualified status.

From our research, we’ve confirmed the following CBD brands to offer some sort of financial assistance program:

CBD Brands with Financial Assistance Programs

BrandQualified IndividualsDiscount Amount
Lazarus NaturalsVeterans, Long-Term Disability, Low-Income60% off
Comfort Leaf CBDVeterans, Long-Term Disability50% off
Green RoadsVeterans, Active Military, First Responders50% off
PopulumVeterans25% off
CBDfxMilitary, First Responders20% off
Nature’s ScriptVeterans, Active Military Personnel, First Responders, Seniors 55+15% off
HempBombsSeniors, Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel15% off
Receptra NaturalsVeterans, Active and Retired Military Personnel15% off
NuLeaf NaturalsVeterans, Retired Military Personnel, Police, EMT, Firefighters, Low-Income, Long-Term Disability, Teachers, StudentsUnspecified
MedterraMilitary, Long-Term DisabilityUnspecified

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