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Ananda Hemp CBD Review

Ananda Hemp is a true seed-to-shelf CBD brand. The company oversees the entire production of their CBD oils, from the genetic development of the seeds at their cannabis seed bank in Australia, to cultivation and extraction of the oils from Kentucky-grown hemp. Their product line of full-spectrum CBD products contains minimal added ingredients and caters to users with a range of health needs.

We recommend Ananda Hemp for:
Full-spectrum, low- to mid-strength CBD oil tinctures, capsules, topicals, and pet oilsAnyone using CBD for general wellness, or for relief from a chronic health issue
Sourced from Kentucky hempFirst-time and experienced users of CBD
Third-party lab testedThose who prefer CBD oil tinctures or capsules
Natural and organic ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservativesThose who prefer full-spectrum CBD
Mid-range pricing, around $0.12 to $0.17 per mgPet owners
Free shipping discounts available
30-day money back guarantee
Available online and through wholesale partners

See Ananda Hemp’s Product Lineup:

Ananda Hemp Company History

While Ananda Hemp is based in Cynthiana, Kentucky, its parent company, Ecofibre Ltd., operates out of Australia. Ecofibre Ltd. is a genetic development company that’s been in operation for nearly two decades. It owns the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank, which is where Ananda Hemp sources its hemp seeds. 

Once the seeds arrive in the states, Ananda Hemp oversees the entire production of their CBD oils, from seed to shelf. Ananda Hemp among one of the few seed-to-shelf brands in the CBD industry, along with PlusCBD Oil and Sunsoil CBD

Their commitment to quality is paralleled by their devotion to consumer education. The Ananda Hemp blog and website are full of educational resources about CBD and its potential benefits, how it engages the endocannabinoid system, and the differences between CBD and THC. The company also shares industry news on their social media channels and regularly participates in events and conferences across the country, from Earth Day fairs to medical cannabis seminars and expos. 

Ananda Hemp products are available in retail locations through their wholesale program. Additionally, the company operates a separate branch, Ananda Professional, which makes their CBD oils available to independent pharmacists and healthcare professionals. 

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

Ananda Hemp sources their hemp seeds from their parent company in Australia, Ecofibre Ltd. As the owner of the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank, the company has access to over 300 cultivars, allowing them full control over the genetic development of their hemp. Every cultivar they breed has been certified for agricultural transfer across continents by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and is approved for legal entry into the US by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). 

Once the seeds arrive in the US, they’re moved to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, where they’re distributed to local farms registered the state’s industrial hemp pilot program. Ananda Hemp’s headquarters are likewise based in Kentucky, so they’re able to work closely with their local partner farms. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals are used on any of their hemp farms. 

Ananda Hemp uses a green ethanol extraction process to create their CBD oils, enabling them to ensure a high concentration of CBD, other cannabinioids, and terpenes in the final extract, while still maintaining safety and quality.

Finally, the company sends their products out for third-party lab testing before making them available to consumers. Ananda Hemp’s testing partners include Iron Laboratories, Anresco Laboratories, and DB Labs. Each product is tested three times for potency, contaminants, and quality.

Ananda Hemp Product Selection

Ananda Hemp sells full-spectrum CBD tinctures, capsules, topicals, and pet oils. As full-spectrum products, their CBD oils contain CBD along with a rich profile of other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential oils from the hemp plant. Scientific research suggests the presence of these other plant materials enables the CBD to be more effective as a wellness therapy. 

In addition to their CBD oils, Ananda Hemp also sells branded apparel.

TincturesCapsulesTopicalsPet Products
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

300mg (30ml) / $0.17 per mg
600mg (30ml) / $0.15 per mg
600mg (30ml) / $0.15 per mg *0% THC
2000mg (50ml) / $0.12 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

15mg (30-ct) / $0.14 per mg
15mg (60-ct) / $0.13 per mg

Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

125mg (25g) / $0.19 per mg

Intimate Oil
250mg (2oz) / $0.24 per mg
Available Concentrations / Cost per mg:

300mg (30ml) / $0.20 per mg

CBD Tinctures

Ananda Hemp sells four CBD oils: three full-spectrum tinctures, and one broad-spectrum tincture that contains 0% THC.

The full-spectrum tinctures are available in three strengths: 300mg, 600mg, and 2000mg. These contain 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg of cannabinoids in each serving, respectively. A serving size is one full dropper. The 300mg and 600mg tinctures use MCT oil as a base, which is mixed with organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil and a botanical terpene blend to enhance the therapeutic effects of the CBD. The 2000mg tincture uses the organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil as a base instead, which may make it a better option for those with coconut allergies.

While Ananda Hemp believes in the therapeutic effects of a full-spectrum cannabinoid extract, they understand that some people do not want to worry about the risk of having any THC in their products. So, the company has created a broad-spectrum, 0% THC version of their tincture, available in a single 600mg strength. The term “broad-spectrum” refers to the existence of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial plant materials (like their full-spectrum oils)—but without the THC. While this tincture contains 0% THC, Ananda Hemp does warn that it may still cause a failed drug test result. 

For those new to CBD, Ananda Hemp recommends starting with a half-dropper. For the first two nights, the dose should be applied under the tongue after dinner. Hold it under your tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing with water. After the first two nights, you can begin adding another half-dropper dose after breakfast. After getting used to this dosing for about a week or so, you can increase it as needed until you achieve the desired effects. 

CBD Capsules

Because they’re all-natural and unflavored, Ananda Hemp’s tinctures will maintain their natural hemp taste. For those who have trouble getting used to this earthy flavor, or who simply want an easy way to remember to take their CBD along with their daily vitamin, there are their full-spectrum softgels. 

Available in two bottle sizes (30- and 60-count), these CBD capsules contain about 15mg of CBD, with organic cold pressed hemp seed oil and gelatin. Ananda Hemp recommends taking one capsule twice daily and swallowing with water.

CBD Topicals

Ananda Hemp sells two CBD topicals.

Their full-spectrum salve contains 125mg of active cannabinoids with plant-based ingredients intended to relieve pain and soothe skin. These include organic coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and menthol, along with eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender essential oils, among many other natural therapeutic ingredients. Ananda Hemp recommends applying a small dab of the cream onto the affected area, and rubbing it into the skin. The salve should not be applied to open wounds.

Their Bliss intimate oil contains 250mg of cannabinoids along with all-natural ingredients designed to enhance sensual pleasure, such as cacao seed butter, coconut oil, L-Arginine, cetearyl, and peppermint and black pepper essential oils for a cooling and heating sensation. To use, Ananda Hemp recommends shaking well and applying liberally at least 15 minutes before sexual activity. The intimate oil is pH balanced and sugar-free to prevent irritation in sensitive areas, so you can apply it both inside and out. Ananda Hemp warns that the Bliss intimate oil should not be used with latex condoms, as the oil may degrade the latex. 

CBD Oil for Pets

Ananda Hemp also provides full-spectrum 300mg CBD tinctures for cats and dogs, formulated with a vegetarian-certified bacon flavoring your pet will love. Their pet tinctures use coconut oil as a base, which may provide your pet with additional benefits. Coconut oil has been shown to improve digestion, as well as skin and coat health.

On their website, Ananda Hemp helpfully provides a detailed dosing chart for their pet CBD oils, organized by your pet’s weight. The recommended dose for a 10-pound pet is 5 drops, and you can increase it by 5 drops for every 10 pounds thereafter. Ananda Hemp recommends administering the dose between your pet’s cheek and their back teeth, or mixing it in with their food.

Our Take on Ananda Hemp

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of Ananda Hemp. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

High-quality, full-spectrum CBD oils, capsules, topicals, and pet productsMost products contain MCT oil, which may be an issue for those with coconut allergies
Seed-to-shelf operation using 100% pesticide-free, locally grown hempOil tinctures are all-natural (which is a pro), but there are no flavored versions available to mask the taste of hemp
Third-party lab testedUnknown shipping options
No artificial flavoring or colorsHemp isn’t 100% organic
30-day money back guarantee
Responsive customer service
Available for purchase online and through wholesale partners

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Product Selection

Ananda Hemp’s selection of full- and broad-spectrum tinctures, capsules, and topicals serves a majority of CBD users. Those who prefer all-natural, full-spectrum CBD may enjoy their tinctures, while those who don’t enjoy the taste of hemp may prefer their capsules. Ananda Hemp also caters to pet owners, with their all-natural, vegetarian-friendly CBD oils for cats and dogs.

Their tinctures are available in a range of strengths that should be suitable for general wellness or mild to moderate symptom management. Ananda Hemp may not be a good fit for those who need require a higher daily dose of CBD to manage severe symptoms, however. 


As a seed-to-shelf brand, Ananda hemp ensures a high level of quality control through each stage of producing their CBD oils. Their hemp is grown on local Kentucky farms who use pesticide-free farming practices. The company does not state whether it is 100% organic, although they do use other organic and natural ingredients in their products wherever possible.


Each Ananda Hemp product is shipped with a lot number. You can visit their Certificate of Analysis lookup tool on the website to enter this number and search for the lab result for your specific product.

Ananda Hemp also provides multiple links to download the full lab results for each variation of their products on the related product page. The first link is always for the current, most recent batch, and there will be three or so additional links for previous batches. Each lab result comes complete with a full analysis of the cannabinoid profile and confirmation that no potential toxins, heavy metals, or pesticides are present. It also includes an expiration date for the batch, along with photos showing the color and viscosity of the oil, and the hemp plant it was extracted from.

It’s important to note that Ananda Hemp does not specify the specific amount of CBD in each serving; rather, they simply state the total amount of “active cannabinoids.” Reviewing the lab results, however, it appears that the serving size roughly equates to the amount of CBD. For example, their 300mg tincture contains 9.4mg of CBD, while the advertised serving size is 10mg of cannabinoids. Likewise, the 600mg tincture contains 19.8mg of CBD (compared with a serving size of 20mg of cannabinoids), and the 2000mg contains 38.7mg of CBD (vs. a serving size of 40mg). 

The rest of the cannabinoid profile varies by tincture and batch, but may include CBC, CBDV, CBG, CBDA and THC. All Ananda Hemp products are tested and confirmed to include 0.3% THC or less, so they should not produce a high and are considered fully legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.


Ananda Hemp sells all-natural tinctures, so they will have an earthy hemp taste. Because they use an ethanol extraction process, there’s also a higher likelihood that their extracts will contain chlorophyll. This antioxidant plant substance is safe and vitamin-rich, but it can negatively impact the taste of CBD oils.

Those who don’t like the taste of hemp can still enjoy other Ananda Hemp products, such as their capsules, which are flavorless. 

Ordering and Shipping Process

It’s easy to place an order on the Ananda Hemp website, but the company does not offer any information about their shipping policies, rates, or fees. At the time of writing, they appeared to be offering a free shipping promotion, although it wasn’t advertised anywhere on the website until you went to check out. 

Customer Service

The Ananda Hemp customer service team is available weekdays between 9:30am and 5:30pm Pacific. They can be reached via phone, email, web form, and live chat. 

One thing that’s notable about Ananda Hemp is the responsiveness of their customer service team. They invite customer reviews on each product page, and you can see how the customer service team responds to negative or less-than-perfect experiences, giving you insight into how highly this company values their customers. 

Under their 30-day money back guarantee, you can receive a full refund, minus the cost of shipping. Refunds take up to 10 business days to process.


At $0.12 to $0.17 per mg, Ananda Hemp’s CBD oils are priced at the mid- to higher-end. However, considering their commitment to quality control, use of natural and organic ingredients, and reliance on rigorous third-party testing, this is still a good value. 

To help make their products more affordable, the company does run regular promotions. For instance, at the time of writing, they were hosting a 30% off discount for orders totaling $60 and up.

Learn More About Ananda Hemp

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