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About CBD Awareness Project

There’s a common saying out there about CBD. “It stands for Could Be Dishwater.”

It’s unfortunate, but there is a grain of truth to it. Currently, CBD is just a supplement, so the industry is completely unregulated. As a result, less-than-scrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of that lack of regulation. They’ve put out products with little to no CBD in them, luring customers with advertising that touts the health benefits of CBD—knowing full well that their product won’t be able to provide them.

Despite the damage these manufacturers have done, the research suggests that CBD really can provide significant health benefits. Moreover, the research is constantly developing, finding evidence that CBD can relieve conditions as wide-ranging as chronic pain and anxiety to severe epilepsy and muscle spasms. It may even slow cancer cell growth.

Of course, for one to experience any benefits of CBD, you need to be using the right stuff.

That’s why we launched the CBD Awareness Project. To share the information you need and help separate fact from fiction. We feel as though CBD has the potential to be a very impactful remedy, but there’s not a lot of great information out there. We’re here to connect the dots and provide consumers with information they can understand.

We break down the industry lingo and academic language to tell you exactly what you need to know. Is this remedy right for you? Where can you buy it? How exactly does it work, and how much (and what kind) do you need to make it work for you? These are all questions we answer here on our site.

We also highlight the providers who are doing their part to create high-quality CBD products consumers can trust. The CBD companies we recommend on our site all source their CBD from local, 100% organic hemp grown in the USA, and work with third-party labs to test the concentration of CBD in their products. Moreover, they make those lab results readily available to consumers, bringing a sense of transparency to the industry.

A little more about who we are.

The CBD Awareness Project team is led by Austin Meadows, an independent consultant and expert in all things CBD.Austin Meadows

With over four years of experience researching and writing about cannabidiol, Austin and his team aim to help people from all walks of life understand this complex world of CBD. When he’s not reading the latest cannabidiol research, you’ll find Austin writing, cooking, or spending time in nature.

If you’re ready to start learning about CBD, get started with the resources below.

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In-depth guides about CBD treatment for health conditions that affect both people and pets.


Interviews and discussions with the thought leaders driving innovation in the CBD industry.

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Explore the different types of CBD products available and make an informed buying decision.

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